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Electrical Services

Mastering electrical services asks for much more than expertise just engineering; it requires a deep understanding of people’s different realities and the ability to anticipate their upcoming needs. Every part of the solution has to support the particular lifestyle and professional requirements of those who are to use and maintain the facility – now and into the future. What’s more, in Papua New Guinea, the need for dependable backup power adds a critical layer to all electrical considerations. That’s why our Senior Partner and Electrical Engineer Geoff Hodges teams up with Senior Partner and Mechanic Matt Sims in delivering solutions that look to the entirety of your situation.

At All Power Services, we don’t focus on individual products. We focus on you.


New constructions and renovations

Covering the full gamut of industrial, commercial and domestic needs, All Power Services often join client projects at an early stage, liaising with developers, architects and engineers in designing functional and economical solutions from the ground up. Geoff and Matt have a combined 56 years’ post-trade and 40 years experience of working in Papua New Guinea, so we know to ask the right questions.

Our unique dual competency in electrical services and power generation ensures that you won’t paint yourself into the proverbial corner. Drawing on experience from a multitude of different projects, we might even be able to help you anticipate what your particular needs will be in 10-15 years.

We have trained our own team of over 40 Papua New Guinean professionals ourselves and are proud to say that we have fostered a strong culture of responsibility and safety. Every staff members takes ownership of their job and is well cared for by the company in return. This, of course, includes providing our tradespeople with the right tools for the job. All Power Services use the latest technical assets, such as infrared thermal imaging and data logging equipment, ensuring absolute precision throughout every step of your project.

For getting things right, there’s no better time than now.


Maintenance and repairs

All Power Services operate a fleet of 12 service vehicles, and our senior partners are available 24/7 to coordinate immediate responses to emergencies. With our own wholesale business and excellent relationships to suppliers, we also have quick access to spare parts.

All Power Services today have over 70 maintenance contracts in Lae alone, and our client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Contact us today for attractive long-term service rates.


Automatic transfer switches

Saving a little on the automatic transfer switch can easily end up costing a lot in downtime, generator fuel and repairs. You’ll want to invest in a durable ATS – and that can be surprisingly hard to do. Or at least, that’s the way it used to be.

A few years back, we trawled the market without finding any ATS that fulfilled our quality requirements. So we created our own. We spent a year trialling different components and then used the very most robust in a design that is so rationalised and simplistic, any experienced electrician can troubleshoot and repair it. The result, the All Power Services ATS, is a tough-as-nails unit that can take a surprising amount of abuse and then some. We like to think of it as Papua-New-Guinea-rated.

Wholesale parts

To ensure quick access for our own tradespeople, All Power Services stock a wide range of electrical and mechanical parts, which are available for purchase at wholesale rates. We are currently developing an online portal for this business.

APS stock a wide range of electrical & mechanical parts, which are available at wholesale rates.