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Topako Haus is a three-story, 19-tenancy office building in Lae designed and built by head contractor Nosrida Ltd, who have over 40 years’ experience in the PNG construction industry. This attractive building will stand out on the city skyline for years to come – and it boasts efficiency and conveniences to match its impressive exterior.

All Power Services were contracted to undertake the electrical, standby power generation, phone and data installations in Topako Haus. The brief was to meet the extensive air-conditioning and professional work environment needs with a solution that delivered reliable backup power and superior ease of use as well as minimal CAPEX and maximum long-term efficiency.

What we did

We chose an electronically controlled Cummins generator engine enclosed in an acoustic PowerLink canopy with extended-capacity fuel tank for the purpose. Paired with our tough-as-nails proprietary APS 400amp automatic transfer switch with Terasaki-operated circuit breakers, this provides Topako Haus with 250kVA of dependable power through the common mains outages in Lae.

Given the frequency of mains outages and the considerable expense of generator fuel consumed, the landlord also wanted a system for invoicing tenants for all power costs without the need for constant checking of individual tenant meters.


All Power Services delivered a failsafe solution: a Conlog metering system that enables the landlord to sell prepaid power to the tenants. The landlord now gets paid in advance for every last kWh used, whether it’s fed through the mains supply or generator.

And every tenant can easily check their balance on a digital display in their office without any need for going to the switch room. It can’t get much more convenient than this for either party: a strong selling point for the landlord of any office building in PNG.


For more information about this or other projects, please feel free to contact Matt Sims or Geoff Hodges.