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Running a large drum and can manufacturing plant at Taraka since 1994, NCI Packaging approached All Power Services to rebuild the automation of their drum-painting process.
The secret to the original automated process lay within a 30-year-old programmable logic controller (PLC). But since the PLC was damaged and spare parts no longer available, the programming could neither be read nor copied. All Power Services had to build a solution from scratch.

What we did

We started by sourcing a modern PLC with sufficient timers and relay in- and outputs. Then began the difficult task of analysing and programming every step of the process in a 50-metre section of the 205L drum manufacturing line. In addition to the programming work, this involved servicing and adjusting many of the limit switches and proximity sensors that keep the PLC informed of exact drum locations throughout the process.

Once the initial programming and refurbishments had been taken care of, we liaised closely with NCI engineers in fine-tuning the manufacturing process.


The result was a production line vastly superior to the original solution: All Power Services greatly reduced the amount of manual input required; optimised the dispensing of expensive consumables (paint); increased production quality; and brought production time and costs down considerably.


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