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As part of the Australia-Papua New Guinea deal on asylum seekers, the two governments committed to refurbishing the deteriorated Angau Memorial Hospital. Tenders went out, and All Power Services was selected to supply and install the fire safety system, which had to be compliant with Australian Standard AS1670-1.

What we did

The project asked for considerable co-ordination of tradespeople and medical staff. Much of the installation work would be carried out in the ceiling space above operating theatres, general wards, intensive-care units and administration areas that remained operational throughout the project.

A thorough Job Safety & Environmental Awareness (JSEA) program was conducted, and All Power Services staff stayed flexible to allow for unforeseen patient needs.


At the end of the project, nearly 10km of cable, 260 fire detectors, 19 manual call points, 19 ward connection points and over 80 announcement speakers had been installed throughout the 16 zones in the two-storey hospital. These major works were all carried out without risk to patients and with the hospital continuously providing medical care.

All Power Services have now been contracted to undertake other electrical works at Angau Memorial Hospital as well as a separate project at the adjacent school of nursing.


For more information about this or other projects, please feel free to contact Matt Sims or Geoff Hodges.