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Why you should future-proof your business with All Power Services!

Anchored by mechanic Matt Sims and electrical tradesman and engineer Geoff Hodges, All Power Services wield a unique dual competency in power generation and electrical services. That is an unbeatable combination in Papua New Guinea, where the need for reliable backup power adds a critical layer to all electrical considerations. It enables us to offer you something invaluable: foresight.

We have the knowledge and experience to see the big picture – how everything will work together. And that doesn’t only apply to smart mechanical and electrical engineering; with both Matt and Geoff having backgrounds in trades, we take a practical, common-sense approach to your needs. You can expect our services to provide superior ease of use and future maintenance. Because, ultimately, what we do isn’t about technology – it’s about people.

Having delivered everything from basic appliance repairs through complex manufacturing processing systems to multi-story building fit-outs has taught us to ask the right questions from day one. That’s why clients often get us to join their projects at an early stage, so we can liaise with developers, architects and tradespeople in designing functional and economical solutions from the ground up.



You’ll be surprised at how much time and money can be saved by consistently making educated decisions.

This dedication to quality naturally extends to our own employees. Rather than importing unknown work ethics and skill sets, we have trained our team of over 40 Papua New Guinean professionals ourselves. We’re proud to say that we have fostered a strong culture of responsibility and safety.Every staff member takes ownership of their job and is well cared for by the company in return. Our human capital just keeps growing.

Of course, we have the tools for the job, too. All Power Services use the latest technical assets, such as infrared thermal imaging and data logging equipment, and since we have our own wholesale business and strong supplier relationships, spare parts can be sourced on short notice. With a fleet of 12 service vehicles, our branches in Lae, Kimbe and Goroka really are perfectly placed to provide you with All Power Services.

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